Our vision


The world is polluted by worthless discarded plastic waste. This waste material is a growing problem for our global environment with an annual increase of  5%. To date, there is no sustainable solution for this enormous environmental issue. Once we have given value to plastic waste (that has been deemed worthless up until now), it will be collected and in time,  turn into a commodity. Starting in Moerdijk, the business model that is put into action by our initiatives, will effectively ‘clean up the globe’. The large profits generated by our Pyr-Oil processes, will facilitate and enable us to create more plastic processing plants worldwide. Step by step we purpose to turn the planet into a cleaner place. Competitors will surely follow, and thus, they too, will make a positive environmental difference wherever similar processing plants are established. Our initial appeal to those who support our cause, is to assist us in anyway possible,  in establishing the first Pyr-Oil operational processing plant in Moerdijk.

Our mission

We aim through a sustainable solution that Pyr-Oil offers to relieve the world, quite literally, of enormous amounts of discarded plastic waste.
Our mission, apart from healthy growth, is to initiate Pyr-Oil production plants that provide paid work for many citizens in developing countries. In the future wherever a Pyr-Oil plant is located anywhere in the world, we wish to return a portion of our profits to the local population, consequently investing into the welfare, medical care and education of local people.

Our goals

The first processing plant in Moerdijk will initiate and ultimately help us achieve our mission. This plant paves the way and blazes the trail for many other processing plants in places around the world by adding  much needed value to the local population, economies and environments. The consistent approach of Pyr-Oil business plan will assure continuity.

The Process

The process we describe is actually a novel use of what has been around since the early 1900’s.

If you want a demonstration of the pyrolysis process email or call us for an appointment. We utilize a mobile small scale pyrolysis unit.