The Management Team

G. Jan Kuipers

John Kuipers

John Kuipers (1955) was born into a large family, and grew up in Nunspeet. At 22 years of age, he emigrated to the U.S. where he worked as a rose grower in Ohio. He moved to California and  was employed by as an Insurance sales representative and instructor. Later he became an Independent  Financial advisor. At this time he also attended the University of California at Davis. After five years, John turned to entrepreneurship. G.J. Holding Llc. became the basis of his business that focused on both sizeable real estate transactions and preparation of private companies. In 2006, John felt it was time to sell his business. Towards the end of 2006, John returned to the Netherlands to focus on the development of alternative energy. This stems from his deep-rooted ideological mission to bring about a serious and truly sustainable change to the environment. Pyr-Oil is the ultimate result. We convert waste plastics into a semi refined oil.  John Kuipers also served as a volunteer Navy Chaplin.



Jan Hennipman

Jan HennipmanJan Hennipman was born in 1960 near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, into a multi generational entrepreneurial family. Upon completing his basic and tertiary schooling, he started his working career from within the local family construction business. It was from this vantage point that he branched out into his own independent entrepreneurial projects within his local community. Later, he successfully worked at managerial level,for larger multinational companies.
The start up of Pyr-Oil’s innovative technology comes at a time of great social, economic and ecological change. The already out of control plastic pollution/soup scenario is one of the biggest challenges that threatens global oceans and environmental systems. Jan’s motivation and entrepreneurial personality is driven by a deep life long passion to leave a positive and sustainable footprint for future generations. He is a valued and integral part of the Pyr-Oil management team.


Reinier van den Berg

Reinier van den BergReinier van den Berg is best known as “the weather man” on Dutch television. He served in this capacity for almost 30 years, since 1989. He is a graduate of Wageningen University in Environmental Studies; specializing in Air pollution.
Reinier is intensely focussed with environmental and pollution challenges facing the world in this 21st century. Weekly he makes gripping presentations addressing climate change and global warming as well as the impact that plastic and other pollutants has on the environment. He not only presents the challenges, but also points out cutting edge technology and innovative solutions that address these areas of concern.
He is gravely concerned about the warming of the earth and its consequences for life on earth. But also about the tremendous volumes of especially plastic pollutants in the environment and the oceans, already affecting life both on open sea as well as on land. Preventing the plastic pollutants from entering the ocean would be a better solution that having to fish it out as a last resort.
Recent research shows that “95% of plastic pollutants is originated from 7 main rivers. Should these plastic pollutants be drastically cleaned from these riverbeds, the result would be the oceans would be cleaner!”

In 1986 Renier was instrumental by the establishing of Meteo Consult, now after 32 years with this company he is stepping out into a bold new venture to address these issues in the environment head on. As an entrepreneur he is putting the full weight of his life long interest and concern for the environment into a practical solution by joining forces with the Pyr-Oil group as their Media and PR go to persona. As co-owner of the sustainability platform VOLTA ( he will be in a position to report and bring to the attention of environmentally focused groups, people or governments, the up to date progress and activities taking place globally.